Good afternoon Wireless Presentation Users,

We wanted to give you an update on the situation with our wireless presentation systems.  This morning we had a lengthy session with the manufacturer’s development engineer. They expect something went wrong with the deployment package and have collected a copy of what the Via gateway received in order to analyze it further.  
They attempted to provide a workaround to restore functionality in the interim.  They were able to revive wireless presentation capabilities to 2 units in our system this morning.  We then tested this workaround on 8 additional locations in central classrooms that were available to apply it to this morning.  Unfortunately, this adjustment has not held up.  All but one unit are still in the same failed state as the rest of the system.  Many experienced no improvement at all.  
We are unfortunately still in a holding pattern until they can complete their analysis of the deployment package and provide us with a next step.

We will follow up again tomorrow. Hopefully with a more positive outlook.

Thank you for your patience,

Media Support Services

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