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Optimizing Your Holiday Spending

Join the VCU Financial Success Center to learn how to budget, plan, and find all the best deals for the upcoming holiday season! The holidays can be a stressful financial time but we plan on giving you all the tips and tricks to maximize your spending power this season.

Taking the Spookiness out of Credit

Join the VCU Financial Success Center for a presentation on all things credit. It is spooky season, but your credit is one thing you won't have to be spooked about this fall. Learn how to build, manage, and take control of your credit with us.

Rainy Day Rams Saving Program to jumpstart student savings goals

VCU students can earn up to $50 in savings through the Virginia Credit Union program

VCU webinar helps faculty and staff with personal finance during COVID-19 pandemic

Want some encouraging and historic perspectives on this economic downturn? We got you!

VCU School of Business to receive $5M gift from Virginia Credit Union for financial wellness

The Virginia Credit Union Endowment for Financial Wellness will support new and expanded programming.