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By Susan Burtch

The news is significant:  AIS Research Rankings listed VCU #46 in research in the Americas for the period 2020-2022.1

VCU Information Systems attained its status using the most exclusive ranking – only MIS Quarterly and Information Systems Research, the top two publications in the field.

VCU’s new number is important not only because it is impressive, but because it demonstrates a quantum leap in research publications. The department’s last ranking for 2019-2021 was #56, while the one for 2018-2020 was #66.

“Actually,” says Paul Brooks, Information Systems Department Chair, “I think what’s impressive is that we have senior faculty and assistant professors all contibuting, which demonstrates a continuing tradition of excellence in research.”

Victoria Yoon’s research is in AI technology. Yeongin Kim focuses on health care information systems, and Allen Lee is an expert in qualitative research of information systems. 

“Our professors demonstrate a range of specialties and interests,” says Brooks. “We’ve added additional faculty in the past couple of years, and there are currently articles in the pipeline that are going to make us look good. Admittedly I am the Celebrator-in-Chief, but I think our trajectory is only going to go up.”

1 Rankings based on Association for Information Systems’ (AIS) List of High-quality Journals. Journals used: ISR, MISQ. Period: 2020-2022,, Accessed date: March 31,2023.

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