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Bob Hannan

Bob Hannan, Director of Small Business Acquisitions for Intuit and VCU Alumni, came to speak to the business students about his career and how he ended up in a sales position. He began with a very relatable background story that many of the students in the audience found inspiring.

At the beginning of his career, Mr. Hannan struggled to find what he was passionate about and where he wanted to go. Ultimately, he credited a lot of his growth and career success was due to finding a state of mindfulness and gratitude. Due to this mindset, he was able to see past social biases and find a career in sales, something that he truly enjoyed.

One major piece of advice he offered the students was to find a “coach”, which is different from someone who gives feedback, because a coach is a person that is willing to help you learn and grow. This mentor, or coach, will allow you to learn from others through others rather than trying to learn from others through yourself. This all went back to his core idea about being mindful when navigating your career.

To quote one of the students who reflected on his speech, “As someone who is currently struggling to lay out their path in the future, it was reassuring to know that Mr. Hammond was someone who was once in my shoes.”  Many others felt similarly. Overall, many of the students in the audience reflected on his presentation as something that was both eye-opening and inspiring.

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