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Julie Glotz has three degrees – and an inexhaustible source of energy. She graduated from VCU undergrad in 1991 with a degree in business marketing, then worked in the IT field for nine years. Between 2000 and 2008, she had two children, earned a degree in nursing and worked as an RN. She then took a job on VCU’s medical campus as a Clinical Applications Analyst, transforming paper clinical records to Cerner’s Electronic Health system.

Fast forward to 2016. Her job was going well, but Glotz already had her eye on a management degree. She enrolled in the VCU Executive MS in Information Systems Program. “My kids are in high school now,” she says, “and going back to school provides me stimulation. I wanted to get set up for a management career in IT.”

Mentoring & Networking

Glotz says the EMSIS program offers a broad range of exposure. Her mentor was the CIO for a Fortune 500 company. “VCU brought in guest speakers who were very knowledgeable and brought with them real-world experiences.  They were accessible, I could meet and talk with them. I was exposed to a broad range of experience on many current IT topics and trends. It’s so great there’s a huge network of IT professionals in Richmond.”

Flexibility & Support

“It was demanding. The executive program is fast-track; it’s designed mainly for working professionals. I tell people it’s challenging, but it’s do-able. It takes place on weekends, so I could fit it in my schedule. And everyone wants you to succeed and helps you through the program.”

Skills & Practice

Glotz especially liked the leadership and coaching practice. “We took turns coaching each other,” she recalls. “We learned techniques about listening and providing constructive criticism. It sets you up to be a good manager of people, teaching the softer skills. I feel more confident now.” Her favorite part was the trip to Switzerland and Luxemburg, where she visited different businesses to gain a more global IT perspective.

“I guess I have had a winding path, but to me in the end, it all makes sense. In the program, I thought ‘okay, that’s it. Now I’m done.’ But actually, I may never be done. When you keep learning, it keeps you young.”

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