On the right track to make it amazing for customers and employees

About six months ago, the Division of Administration launched “Make it amazing,” our new customer service campaign, and we hit the ground running. We have a goal of not only improving community members’ experiences when interacting with the division, but also improving division employees’ experiences within their own work environments, and we’re excited to say gains have already been made in both areas.

Using the results of two 2017 surveys, the division created a plan focusing on improved customer service. But the exceptional service level we are reaching for can only come from fully engaged employees — those who feel valued and are enthusiastic about the work they do. With that in mind, the Division of Administration is encouraging increased employee recognition for the great work already being done regarding customer service, process improvements and innovative thinking to solve challenges. In addition, staff at all levels are taking advantage of the many professional development opportunities being offered within the division, including sessions, workshops and group/team activities on service techniques, employee engagement and other topics of interest.

The effects of these efforts can already be seen by an increased level of customer satisfaction. The division has demonstrated service improvement of almost 4 percent since the last survey, with certain areas such as Parking and Transportation and Human Resources showing significant gains. In addition to having more customer-focused and engaged employees, another way we’re able to see improvements over a short period of time is by constantly asking for — and acting on— community feedback. The consistent flow of responses that we receive are reviewed on a regular basis and have driven positive change which our community is noticing.

Whether once a year or once a week, a community member’s interaction with the Division of Administration should be an amazing one. Every day, our mission is to provide courteous, efficient and effective service, and to ensure our community is satisfied and our employees are engaged. We will continue to measure satisfaction, solicit feedback and support professional development opportunities to do just that.

We look forward to what the next six months will bring, and hope that you do, too.

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