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This week we say “see you later” and congratulations to our graduating seniors! We congratulate them on their momentous achievements and can’t wait to see what the future brings in their lives and careers. It’s a time for students to reflect on their experiences at VCU and how the university has prepared them for their next steps. We interviewed Terry Everett, who attends VCU along with his twin brother Terrence, about his time at VCU and what’s to come. Terry and Terrence are both known for their hit video “Black Excellence at VCU.”

Terry, a Newport News native, wasn’t familiar with the Richmond area before he decided to attend VCU. He chose to join the Ramily because of the focus on and abundance of diversity on campus, as well as the impressive medical campus. Terry was a Biology major throughout his time at VCU and plans to work as a medical scribe following graduation before applying to medical school in 2020.

What advice does Terry have for other students and their families? “Live life to the fullest and don’t let others’ expectations hinder your progress.”

Terry plans to come back to visit and has many fond memories at VCU. From his favorite class (Organic Chemistry) to his many clubs and organizations (Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Student Ambassadors, New Student Orientation, Library Advising Committee, FACT, Honor Society, Habitat for Humanity and Lewis Stokes Alliance for Minorities Program) it can be hard to pinpoint an exact moment that meant the most. “I would say my favorites are the late nights with friends, studying and preparing for the weeks to come.”

Congratulations to Terry Everett and all our graduating seniors, we wish you the best of luck and hope you come back soon!

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