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The Wyche family smiles and poses for the camera

The Wyche family is a family of high achievers. Mia Wyche, a first-year science major has big plans for her time at VCU, plans which were in part inspired by her parents’ determination. Mia wants to study abroad for a year and continue to participate in ROTC and boasts a lot of university pride.

Mia’s dedication to hard work is a reflection of the values her family holds dear. “We believe that helping others through service is a life’s work worthy of dedication.”

Mimi Wyche, Mia’s mother, went to school online when her children were young to earn her bachelor’s degree. While working, Mimi worked hard to earn a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and later another Master’s Degree in Global Management. Presently, she is on track to have a Doctorate conferred by December of 2019. “Mom set the example of learning more towards earning more.  My brother and I were witnesses to how great effort and persistence, along with the loving support of family, can help facilitate a good career and a good quality of life, even from very modest means,” said Mia.

Mimi Wyche poses with her son

Mia and her brother both participated in their high school’s NJROTC program, and her brother earned an appointment with a senior military institute where he will have the opportunity to join any of branch of the Armed Forces as an officer upon his graduation.

The Yorktown, Virginia family were familiar with the Richmond area before Mia chose to attend VCU. They would travel up to the Richmond Convention Center or Short Pump Mall and visit for trips to the many parks and other activities. Mimi Wyche had previously worked in Richmond, but Mia found out most of the information about VCU when a representative from the university stopped by to speak to high school seniors about the programs and opportunities available.

What advice does the family have for other students, parents and families? “I would advise prospective students and their families to visit the university and experience many of the events, libraries, classrooms and residence halls.  The website is full of very helpful information about the Ram Shuttle, the health clinic, the book store, the mobile app and programs to study both on campus and abroad. I truly enjoy Cary Street Gym and go swimming or rock climbing and Career Services can help ease anxieties about graduating and career planning.”

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