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VCU’s Spring Break will take place for the MCV and Monroe Park campuses between Sunday, Mar. 4 and Saturday, Mar. 10, 2018. Now is a good time to start planning for the upcoming break. Some residence halls close for the duration of spring break. Students in those residence halls will be notified via Residence Life and Housing about spring break closures.

Some options for transportation available are Amtrak, Richmond International Airport, the Greyhound Bus Station and Megabus. RamAway provides free transportation during most university holidays and semester breaks to and/or from the Richmond International Airport, the Greyhound Bus Station, and the Amtrak stations at Main Street Station and Staples Mill Road. Information about the dates that RamAway is available or how to reserve a spot can be found on the transportation website. Reservations are required.

Students should use safety and caution when traveling. Whether it’s a short trip home or week-long travel, make sure your student is mindful of safety. Make sure your information is in your student’s phone as an emergency contact, whether he or she is traveling alone or with friends.  Your student can add “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) as a contact in his or her phone with the phone number of the person who should be contacted first. Remind your student to also physically write down important contacts in case he or she loses a phone while traveling. In addition to common tips like keeping track of all personal belongings while on public transportation, there are some great safety reminders to share with your student at

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