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Students who participate in Living Learning Programs (LLPs) are more engaged than students living in traditional residential environments and preliminary data shows that students living and learning together in our established LLPs have a higher retention rate at VCU than those who do not. These LLPs are shared communities that consist of a residential two-year program with an academic component. VCU has four Living Learning Programs — GLOBE, ASPiRE, LEAD, and INNOVATE. Read on for more information about these programs and encourage your student to apply!


Employers, like professional and graduate programs in every field, want candidates familiar with globalization who know how to work successfully with people from all over the world.  The most successful candidates are those with proven experience and who can engage the world as it is, an increasingly complex place that is swiftly becoming more interconnected. VCU Globe is a global education living‐learning community that opens windows to the complexity of globalization and fosters intercultural learning through sustained and structured interactions between program participants, international students, and community members in Richmond. Housed in West Grace North Residence Hall, this unique program features opportunities to meet people from all over the world, to participate in special events and celebrations, to work together in teams, and to be instrumental in making VCU and Richmond more global. Above all, VCU Globe provides students majoring in any discipline the chance to be part of something important that will be invaluable on their resumes.The program features:

  • 12 hours of courses which lead to a certificate of global education
  • Co‐curricular activities in the residence hall and beyond
  • Opportunity for special education abroad programs and scholarships
  • Experiential learning through engagement in global communities on campus, in the city of Richmond, and abroad

Application Deadline Information
Nov. 6, 2015 (priority deadline) to be notified Nov. 13, 2015
Jan. 14, 2016 (final deadline) to be notified Jan. 15, 2016

Link to Online Application


VCU ASPiRE is a living-learning program promoting community engagement through academic coursework and co-curricular experiences. The mission of VCU ASPiRE is to enrich and deepen students’ understanding of their capacity to create positive change in communities and address critical societal needs through long-term sustainable partnerships. The program has an interdisciplinary focus with emphasis on addressing the areas of accessible and affordable housing, community building, education and workforce development, environmental sustainability, and health and wellness. Program features include:

  • 9 hours of courses which lead to a certificate in community engagement
  • 100 hours of co-curricular involvement that includes service in the local Richmond community
  • Integrated learning experiences that provide students with opportunities to address pressing societal issues
  • Ongoing relationship development with established community partners

Application Information
Online applications are accepted on a rolling basis and can be found at


VCU LEAD is a distinguished leadership-focused Living-Learning Program for undergraduate students of sophomore status or above. Our vision is to cultivate world-class innovative leaders who transform lives and impact communities.  VCU LEAD participants will integrate their learning through participating in leadership pathways that compliment their major. Pathway experiences can include service, internships, study abroad, undergraduate research, and peer leadership opportunities. Graduates of this program will be equipped to successfully lead professional and civic organizations at the local, national, and global level. Program features include:

  • 10 hours of coursework that lead to a Certificate in Leadership Studies.
  • Housing in the Grace & Harrison Residence Complex for all years of the program
  • 20 hours of University service & 20 hours of community service each year
  • Opportunities for students learn about leadership through a variety of dynamic programs, relationships, and experiences
  • Evidence of learning documented through the development of an electronic portfolio themed around leadership

Application Information
Online applications are accepted on a rolling basis and can be found at

VCU Innovate is da Vinci Center’s Living-Learning Program. The da Vinci Center is a unique educational program that brings students from across the university together to collaborate, problem solve and transform their ideas into new products and business ventures. Students learn to apply creativity in innovation and entrepreneurship through real life projects in ways that prepare them for the 21st century workforce. In addition, students accepted to Innovate get the opportunity to take part in high-impact extracurricular activities such as networking trips to startups and companies in other cities across the country. Students also engage with local entrepreneurs on how to successfully launch business ventures. Program features include:

  • 4 credit hours of coursework that lead to an undergraduate Certificate of Completion in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • A da Vinci Certificate in Product Innovation or Venture Creation (which is a requirement for living in Innovate)
  • Housing in the Broad & Ryland Residence Complex
  • 15 hours of VCU Innovate LLP co-curricular activities

Application Information
For more information on the program, please visit

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