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Dear VCU Students,

As the fall semester officially begins with classes for many of you today, there are many great opportunities to get involved at VCU this semester. One of those opportunities is by attending VCU’s Weeks of Welcome event and utilizing RamsConnect to do so. There is no cost for participating in VCU’s Weeks of Welcome events.

VCU is aware of promotional materials posted on third-party sites for events called “Welcome Week R2KK Ramily,” designed to look like VCU events, some of which require purchasing tickets. VCU has not authorized the use of its name or logo for these events.

We want to remind you that VCU publishes all official VCU Weeks of Welcome events and programs on the RamsConnect platform. VCU’s Weeks of Welcome will communicate announcements and updates through RamsConnect and official VCU social media platforms, such as VCU’s Instagram @vcu and The Commons Instagram @thecommonsvcu.

Best wishes as your semester begins.

Division of Student Affairs

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