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Dear VCU Students,

We all have roles in fostering a safe and healthy campus environment. Part of this responsibility is making time for our own personal health and well-being. As we prepare for the new academic year, it is more important than ever that students understand what resources are available and where to find them. 

RamStrong is VCU’s collective health and well-being resource for students, faculty and staff. In addition to COVID-19 vaccination, testing and other public health advisories, RamStrong provides access to health and well-being resources offered throughout the university, such as University Student Health Services, University Counseling, Recreation and Well-being and so much more. Featured resources include:

  • A new emotional/mental health resource
    In addition to University Counseling Services, students can now get the emotional and mental health support they need wherever they are, whenever they need it at timelycare.com/vcu.
  • University Student Health Services
    University Student Health Services is a nationally accredited health care provider that offers primary care services to students at locations on both campuses as well as immunizations, including flu and COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 resources and other health advisories
    Health advisories, including information about COVID-19 testing, vaccination and supplies, as well as new information on monkeypox, now have a permanent home at go.vcu.edu/publichealth. Stay informed about public health recommendations for VCU and surrounding communities and. connect with on-campus testing and vaccination resources.

As active members of VCU’s Public Health Response Team, we will continue to meet as needed with other VCU, VCU Health System, and state and local public health experts to review information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Virginia Department of Health, and make recommendations regarding public health measures for the VCU community. 

Your physical, emotional and social well-being is always a priority and will serve as the foundation for a successful year ahead.


Shannan Green, M.D.
Director for University Student Health Services

Dr. Frank J. Tortorella, M.D.
Medical Director for Employee Health Services

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