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Dear students,

VCU has joined many other universities in creating a medical amnesty process in the Student Code of Conduct (pages 7-8) related to alcohol and other drugs. 

What this really means is that students who seek medical attention for themselves or others for a condition related to alcohol or other drug use will not be subject to disciplinary action by the university for prohibited behavior under the Student Code of Conduct. The intent of this addition is to encourage help seeking and to preclude inaction, based on concerns about punishment, that can lead to student injury.

Alcohol poisoning, and other drug related emergencies, can be life-threatening. If you or a friend may have had too much to drink or experience an adverse reaction to a drug, it is imperative medical help is sought immediately. Remember the acronym P.U.B.S. to help recognize the signs of an alcohol overdose, which is a medical emergency:

Puking while passed out
Unresponsive to pinching or shaking
Breathing is irregular, slow, shallow, or has stopped
Skin is cold or blue, cold, or clammy
If you see even one sign, call VCU Police at (804) 828-1234 or 911.

(Image Credit: Gordie Center

There are many resources available at the university and in the Richmond community for individuals concerned about their drinking or drug use or the use of others. Students are encouraged to contact University Counseling Services, Rams in Recovery, University Student Health Services, and Recreation  and Well-Being. These offices can also connect students to community resources if they prefer.

When you join VCU you become part of our Ramily and Rams take care of the health and

safety of other Rams. 


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