SOD Dean Search

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Dear SoD Community:

It has been my pleasure to serve as chair of the School of Dentistry dean search committee. This message will share more about our search process and where we are in the search.

The search committee included many members of the School of Dentistry, leading members of the VCU academic community and other key stakeholders. As is typical for dean search committees, we were charged by Dr. Kellermann (the hiring official) to identify, evaluate and recommend qualified candidates, with the goal of hiring the best individual.

As is common practice with all VCU administrative leadership searches, the committee did not rank the candidates it recommended to Dr. Kellermann. Instead, we objectively identified each finalist’s strengths, limitations and questions that might warrant exploration in the final stages of consideration.

We reviewed over 50 applicants to determine who should be invited for a virtual interview with the committee; we then recommended a small number of finalists for on-site interviews.

After each candidate interview, SOD faculty, staff and students had the opportunity to submit comments. All comments and letters of recommendation were considered by the committee and incorporated into its summary of strengths and limitations.

The candidate summaries and all materials were sent to Dr. Kellermann for his review. He also received letters, emails and comments from stakeholders and university administrators.

In this search, as in all other VCU dean searches, it is left to the hiring official to further narrow the list and — in consultation with the university provost and president — select the best candidate to lead the school. That process is currently underway.

Thank you for your commitment to the process and to helping us select an outstanding leader.

Joe DiPiro