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Meet Cory R. Cummings, Ph.D. candidate

Cory R. Cummings is a doctoral candidate at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work.

School of Social Work welcomes three new Ph.D. candidates

Congratulations to Rachel Rosenberg, Michael Massey and Rachel Casey for successfully completing their comprehensive exams and entering into doctoral candidacy at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work.

A year in review: Q&A with second-year Ph.D. students

Meet three Ph.D. students who represent the close-knit community of learners who engage in courageous scholarship, intense self-reflection and critical thought.

Meet Christopher J. Ward, Ph.D. candidate

Ward is a Ph.D. candidate and adjunct professor at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Social Work. His research interest focuses on the distribution and access of health care infrastructure from a perspective committed to social justice. Specifically, his dissertation, “A Collective Case Study Analysis of Nursing Home Certificate of Need (CON) Decision Making,” explores how […]

Meet Amy Prorock-Ernest, Ph.D. candidate

Prorock-Ernest is a doctoral candidate at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work. Her research interests include exploring the ways in which social, economic, political, environmental, cultural and historical factors influence the health and well-being of communities. Foundational to this is Prorock-Ernest’s interest in understanding localized conceptualizations of health, particularly using qualitative research methods. […]

Meet Cynthia George, Ph.D. candidate

George is an innovative, tech-savvy Ph.D. candidate and an award-winning evaluator working at the national level to systemically improve both peer-to-peer education and school-based prevention programs. She is a systems-level thinker with significant real-world experience developing interventions, securing and managing grants, and guiding policy change initiatives. Her interest areas include theory, philosophy, methods and a […]

Meet Matthew P. DeCarlo, Ph.D. candidate

DeCarlo is a Ph.D. candidate and adjunct instructor at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work. His scholarship interests are in social welfare policy, with a focus on self-directed supports for individuals with disabilities and the lived experience of receiving social welfare for individuals experiencing poverty.

Meet D. Crystal Coles, Ph.D., recent Ph.D. Program graduate

Coles, a recent Ph.D. graduate and CSWE Minority Fellowship Program alum, works as a post-doctoral fellow at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she manages the daily operations of a federally funded project that partners with maternal and child health home visiting programs in Virginia to infuse behavioral health risk screening and mental health promotion interventions into […]

Meet Andrew C. Schoeneman, Ph.D., recent Ph.D. Program graduate

Schoeneman completed his Ph.D. at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work in spring 2015. His dissertation, “Community Collaboration in Virginia Legal Aid Programs: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Investigation,” was funded in part by the Legal Services Corporation of Virginia and the Hans Falck Scholarship. With particular emphasis on social and economic justice, Schoeneman’s […]

Curriculum transformation

In 1917, while the nation watched the turmoil of war in Europe, community leaders in Richmond set their sights on the social economic and health concerns they were witnessing at home. Since then, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work has built its legacy by responding to the needs of individuals, families and communities and promoting social justice in public policy as well […]

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