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Students Today Alumni Tomorrow Constituency Representatives for the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work, Melissa Mason and Omequa Eaddie, are working to bring together current social work students and alumni for a day of service on April 23, 2014, at the  Mary and Frances Young Aces Open. This event will serve over 150 4th-5th graders from each of the 28 Richmond Public elementary schools and provide them the opprotunity to live, learn and play tennis. As a part of the QuickStart Tennis program, this event was implemented to provide schools with limited space for physical activity to still include tennis as a part of their curriculum.  These students will learn the value of sportsmanship, teamwork and the importance of being active.

While this may seem like just another day of fun, this event resonates far beyond this single day. Some of the students come from a culturally deprived environment and are being exposed to tennis for the first time. This event is not only a culmination of their dedication to teamwork, sportsmanship, and academics skills but it  important to their continued success. To volunteer is just one of many ways the VCU School of Social Work community can show support by being a role model, building self-esteem and promoting community awareness.  – Eaddie

Opportunities to be a part of this event and volunteer are still available. Volunteers will help run various stations in a day filled with competitive tennis, fun activities, and facts about the significance of Arthur Ashes’ career path and his ties to Richmond. It will be a wonderful opportunity for students to build connections with alumni while serving the city’s youth. To register as a volunteer or attend the networking event, please visit

Melissa is rising Senior double-majoring in Social Work and Psychology and has been selected as the Director of Networking and Alumni Relations for the 2014-2015 school year. She plans to pursue a career in Industrial and Occupational Social Work after graduation. Omequa is a BSW Peer Mentor, Service Learning Teaching Assistant and May 2014 graduate candidate. She plans to pursue a career in Macro Social Work and Public Administration. 
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