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Addressing VCU’s historical connections to slavery

As a forward-focused, inclusive and diverse community committed to saving and improving all human lives, VCU must acknowledge and thoughtfully examine the role of racism and the institution of slavery in the institution’s past. With our full support, in 2021, the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation focused on  Virginia’s five oldest colleges and universities – […]

Remembering French Moore

I always enjoyed spending time with French Moore Jr. He one of our proudest and most distinguished alumni, and he was kind, brilliant, and compassionate, exactly the kind of person we enjoy spending time with. But more than that, and more to who French was, it reminded me of how deeply and how passionately someone can dedicate themselves to ensuring that others can have a better life, that they can be the very best versions of themselves.

Dr. John Cullen: VCU’s Irish ancestor

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone claims to have an Irish ancestor. At VCU, we really do. Meet John Cullen, who co-founded the Medical Department of Hampden-Sydney College, later called the Medical College of Virginia, the institution from which came Virginia Commonwealth University. Like the university that bears his legacy, Cullen’s story spans disciplines—from chemistry to […]