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Michael Rao, Ph.D.

Like many of you, I have struggled to comprehend what has unfolded in Georgia, Kentucky, New York, Minnesota, and other places across our nation. And I’m reminded that social media has not captured so vividly centuries old injustices against African Americans.

I am appalled, horrified, distressed and sickened all at once. I fear for my own sons, and I certainly fear for our students, the majority who are racial and ethnic minority.

I have committed this presidency to increasing access and social mobility of our students, especially African American students. So to be reminded time and time again that skin color still influences mobility and even vitality more than a college degree, more than class status and zip code, disturbs me deeply. We are reminded again what can be so easily undone by the exercise of someone’s privilege and prejudice.

As one of America’s most distinguished and most diverse urban public universities, we must resolve to change the systems and world around us. We must resolve to continue to empower and support students to change the world through the power of their vote, by changing laws and policies, and by change the thinking of the world around us.

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