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The latest from the VCU Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Center

Moving deeper into multiple movement disorders

Download and view our July 2023 newsletter, looking back at the last six months at the PMDC. With our recognition last year as a Center of Excellence for Parkinson’s disease care, the VCU Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center (PMDC) has rightly received lots of attention lately for the cutting-edge research we’re pursuing into that disease.  […]

Patients with Parkinson’s disease hit the wall to improve mind and body

Mike Hoyt ties into his harness and is connected, by that rope, to the top of a wall some 50 feet high. He places one foot on the wall, then one hand, the other foot, now the other hand, and maneuvers his way to the top before letting go and being brought slowly down to […]

VCU researchers search for answers to causes of dystonia in research studies

Dystonia is considered the third most common movement disorder. It can be a spontaneous isolated condition, or it can be seen in patients taking anti-psychotic medications as well as those with Parkinson’s disease or those who have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury. In many cases, the root cause of a patient’s dystonia remains […]

New PMDC physician brings focus on healthcare disparities and DEI

Stephanie Bissonnette, DO, MPH recently joined the VCU Department of Neurology, bringing a commitment to addressing the healthcare disparities many patients with movement disorders face. Dr. Bissonnette started in January as a new movement disorders specialist and core member of the VCU Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center. She also leads efforts directed toward promoting equal care of […]

Remembering David Reynolds

We were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of David Caldwell Reynolds, a driven business leader in Richmond who played a lead role in the formation of the VCU Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center.

PD patient ‘making a difference in the world via VCU’

Gabie Frazier hasn’t let Parkinson’s disease slow her down. If anything, it’s sped her up. Before she retired in 2017, her colleagues at the Virginia Department of Education would periodically notice her left hand shaking. They encouraged her to seek medical attention; finally,she scheduled an appointment. After months of testing and observations, she was diagnosed […]

Our Year-End 2022 Newsletter

The VCU Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center has had many successes over the past year, and we have continued to gain recognition far and wide for our cutting-edge work. We’ve compiled a few stories into a year-end newsletter, On the Move. In it, you’ll meet a few new faces, see what some older faces are […]

Richmond Brain Health Initiative expanding partnerships, reaching out to minorities

A team at VCU is working to help address this tremendous need through the Richmond Brain Health Initiative, which offers cognitive screenings, connects patients with local brain health providers and services, dementia lifestyle coaching, and caregiver support services.

Neurologist Dr. Leslie Cloud outlines impact of PMDC “Center of Excellence” designation

Dr. Leslie Cloud says being designated a Parkinson’s disease “Center for Excellence” will bring numerous benefits to the VCU Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center for years to come. PMDC officials learned in July they had earned the Parkinson Foundation’s prestigious five-year designation. It’s given to centers that the foundation recognizes for providing the best clinical care and […]

Could VCU researchers help detect Lewy body dementia faster?

Creating a biomarker to identify characteristics of Lewy body dementia (LBD) could get patients the treatment they need faster — and improve their quality of life for longer.