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In clearest view ever of cell membrane, VCU team finds unexpected structure and new areas for pharmaceutical research

Greg Weatherford VCU School of Pharmacy Director of Communications Working with a Nobel Prize-winning biophysicist, a team of researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University has used an innovative technique to gain the clearest view yet of a patch of cell membrane and its components, revealing unexpected structures and opening up new possibilities for pharmaceutical research. Cell […]

Pharmacists as part of medical team make patients healthier and reduce costs, study says

By Christian Ruiz Auxiliary Label Staff Pharmacists working in collaboration with other health-care providers can improve the quality and cost of care for patients, according to a recent study. A recent article in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy makes the case that pharmacists working as part of the primary-care team can be crucial life […]

Auxiliary Label: Antibiotic stewardship research in a community outpatient setting

By Victoria Hammond Auxiliary Label Staff Antibiotic resistance — when bacteria are untreatable by current antibiotics — is a growing public health concern. To reduce antibiotic resistance, prescribers use antibiotics only when necessary. In hospital settings, experts called antibiotic stewards monitor trends in resistance, prescribing, costs and adverse effects. Prescribing trends are compared to current […]

Auxiliary Label: Working to build better opioids

By Christian Ruiz Auxiliary Label Staff Opioids are a class of highly addictive pain-relieving drugs derived from the opium in poppy plants. These drugs are at the center of today’s opioid-overdose crisis, in which at least 115 people per day in the United States die after opioid overdoses. If you have ever had your wisdom […]

VCU Pharmacy’s CPPI announces partnership with journal Pharmacy Practice

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Greg Weatherford | (804) 828-6470 (o) (804) 937-4722 (m) The VCU School of Pharmacy’s Center for Pharmacy Practice Innovation is proud to announce an editorial partnership with Pharmacy Practice, a quarterly full-text peer-reviewed online journal. Pharmacy Practice was founded as an independent journal by a group of prominent pharmacy-practice researchers from around the world about 10 […]

VCU receives $2.7M to study use of anti-inflammatory medicine for treatment of heart failure

Hearts that are failing become inflamed and swollen — doctors have known that for years. But researchers at VCU Pharmacy and VCU Health wondered what would happen to people with failing hearts if they treated the inflammation as a cause of the illness rather than a symptom. Would the patients feel better? Initial studies seemed […]

Xu wins Ralph E. Powe Award from Oak Ridge Associated Universities

Qingguo Xu, assistant professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics, holds his award. He is accompanied by John Ryan, VCU associate vice president for research development, and the School of Pharmacy’s Aron Lichtman, associate dean, and Dean Joseph DiPiro. Qingguo Xu, an assistant professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics, has received the Ralph E. Powe Award from […]

Since ancient Greece, doctors have relied on patients to tell them what medications they are taking. They may no longer need to.

  BY GREG WEATHERFORD Director of Communications, VCU School of Pharmacy Every day, in thousands of emergency rooms around the world, doctors face a daunting mystery: What medications are in a patient’s body? That question can be one of life or death, and since the days of Hippocrates doctors have relied on the same method […]

Pharmacy among top 3 for VCU inventions

The VCU School of Pharmacy has been ranked among the top three schools or colleges at VCU for the number of its invention disclosures in 2017. In its 2017 annual report the VCU Innovation Gateway, part of the university’s Office of Research and Innovation, records Pharmacy with 14 invention disclosures for the year. First in the list […]

Six from School of Pharmacy inducted as VCU Academy of Inventors fellows

Six faculty associated with the VCU School of Pharmacy were inducted this year into the VCU chapter of the National Academy of Inventors. They and a number of their peers from across the university were honored at an April banquet at the Virginia Bio + Tech Park. The inductees from VCU School of Pharmacy: Umesh Desai, Medicinal […]

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