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VCU School of Pharmacy third-year Pharm.D. student Chelsey Llayton reports that 64 students applied to participate in the three domestic outreach events taking place this year. That includes a brand-new opportunity: A Remote Area Medical mission will take place for the first time in Emporia, Va., while the Wise County, Va., RAM moves into its 11th year.

2013 Mission of Mercy in Charlottesville, Va.

“The application committee was very impressed by the many talented students who are committed to serving the community,” Llayton says. Each event is designed to provide care for Virginia’s underserved populations. And students are able to experience invaluable hands-on interactions with patients in an interprofessional environment.

Teams were selected via a blinded process by student leaders of each trip along with faculty Evan Sisson, John Bucheit and Emily Peron and PGY2 residents Estela Lajthia (CrossOver Healthcare Ministry) and Eric Parod (Center for Healthy Hearts).

Training meetings throughout the spring fill participants in on what to expect. Students who did not receive their first choice this year are encouraged to apply again for 2018!

The 2017 domestic outreach teams are as follows:

Mission of Mercy (MOM) – Yorktown (March 24-25)

Anesa Hughes (student leader), Gihun Kim (student co-leader), Precious Dadzie (P3), Robert D’Eramo (P4), Gurpreet Dulai (P3), Taylor Ferguson (P1), Amanda Johnson (P3), David Lee (P2), Tiffany Lee (P3), Caitlyn Moody (P2), Kayla Sheets (P2), Emily Sterling (P3), Joshua Thai (P2), Jany Wu (P1) and Tammy Yu (P2).

2016 Remote Area Medical in Wise County, Va.

Remote Area Medical (RAM) – Emporia (June 23-25)

Kailey Conner (student leader), Yvonne Zhang (student leader), Heather Rucker (student co-leader), Frances Beckett-Ansa (P2), Goldie Chang (P3), Lauren Cooper (P1), Cameron Czech (P2), Meghan Gill (P2), Emily Harmon (P2), Laura Hsu (P2), Lily Jia (P3), Francine Kim (P1), Phuong Opper (P3), Jessica Roller (P2), Riley Scalzo (P2), Hannah Sharpe (P2) and Leighton Thumm (P1).

Remote Area Medical (RAM) – Wise County (July 20-23)

Chelsey Llayton (student leader), Cara Vu (student co-leader), Derek Abel (P3), Mary Beth Bryant (P1), Parker Campanella (P2), Wylie Crane (P1), Stephani Halloran (P2), Danielle Hess (P1), Caroline Jones (P2), Jenna Pham (P2), Archie Raghavan (P3), Nicholas Rebold (P3), Jessica Reid (P3), Stephanie Seto (P2) and Jen Walters (P3).







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