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Nancy Bell

Nancy Bell, twice a graduate of the School of Nursing, is back on campus, this time as a nurse practitioner for VCU Student Health

Nancy Bell (B.S. ’08, M.S. ’10) just can’t stay away from VCU. A double alumna of the School of Nursing, her latest return to campus was to join the staff of VCU Student Health as a nurse practitioner. “VCU holds a special place in my heart since I graduated from the nursing program here. I feel more connected to these students since I know we have so many shared experiences at similar life stages,” said Bell. 

VCU’s University Student Health Services is a nationally accredited health care service that provides high-quality outpatient care to VCU students. It offers everything from care for routine medical illnesses and appointments for urgent medical needs to care for chronic medical conditions and preventative health services. With two clinic locations, one on each of VCU’s campuses, it’s a convenient and accessible resource for students to take care of their health needs.

Bell and her colleagues at VCU Student Health go beyond these routine services, however. “VCU Student Health is a wonderful service for students that not only provides them with high-quality health care but also helps them learn how to navigate their own health journey,” Bell said.

For many students, this is their first time coming to the doctor alone or dealing with a medical issue without the guidance of their parents or guardians. We focus on educating students about their bodies and empowering them to participate in their health care.

Nancy Bell

For many students, college is full of many firsts–learning how to live independently, managing time and finances, and making decisions about career and school. And, as Bell encounters frequently in her work with students, it’s often when many wrestle with prioritizing emotional, mental and physical well-being. As a provider, she stays focused on how to support those complex needs. “Personally, I do a lot of work with mental health and sexual health and I am also interested in professionally developing and advocating for transgender health care,” Bell said.

Beyond the day-to-day of seeing and helping students, Bell has made it her goal to ensure that every student knows the services available to them and how to access them so they can be their best and thrive while in school. “I want to improve our accessibility and impact on campus. I worry students aren’t aware of how comprehensive our services can be,” she said. 

Lucky for VCU students, Bell not only brings experience and dedication to that task but also a profound connection to the university she still calls home. 

by Moira Neve and Caitlin Hanbury

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