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New alum Munirah Fulani (B.S. ‘22/N) explains how the team at VCU School of Nursing showed up for her even before she was officially a student of the school

At the VCU School of Nursing, students have a whole team behind them. Advisors, mentors, and classroom and clinical instructors are carefully choreographed to deliver a great experience, help guide and provide advice, and make sure students see the progress they need to earn their degree. For alum Munirah Fulani (B.S. ‘22/N), that team showed up for her even before she was officially a nursing student. “I actually got my bachelors in psychology at VCU. Originally, I applied for the traditional program but didn’t get in. The advisor told me that my application was excellent (they just had a lot of applicants that cycle) and that I should apply for the accelerated track since I was so far along in my psychology degree. I’m so glad I followed his advice because I finished my second degree in only 18 months,” she said.

Students in the School of Nursing interact with a lot of different people in the course of earning their degree–faculty, preceptors, clinical instructors, peers, advisors and academic coaches. Each of those individuals has a hand in a student’s progress. From guiding course selection, group learning in clinicals, career coaching, nursing students count on a lot of people to influence their path.

I would describe my experience here as chaotically interesting. I’ve been surprised by the various characters I was lucky enough to be introduced to. They’ve taught me that this profession attracts folks from literally all walks of life.

Munirah Fulani (B.S. ‘22/N)

And, of course, some of the closest and most encouraging relationships are forged with peers. “I also made a lifelong friend through this program; we’ve prepared for countless exams together, bounced ideas off each other, and weathered the worst of nursing school together,” she said. 

For students who participate in the undergraduate fellows program, mentors are also part of that mix. In that role the mentor acts as a dedicated faculty member who helps curate special learning experiences, suggest research opportunities and community service to advance their assigned student’s development. “I was given a mentor through the nursing fellowship program and she has been very helpful for networking and thinking from outside an academic perspective,” said Fulani.  

With all that goes into each student’s educational journey, seeing new graduates prepared and confident means the school has succeeded. “My plan is to start my new position in the NICU and build my nursing foundation there. VCU School of Nursing has prepared me for this role by allowing me to throw myself in head first to advocate for my learning opportunities.”

by Moira Neve

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