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Carrie Schlabach, an FNP student in the class of 2016, is spending the last part of her clinical practicum in Mumbai, India. Schlabach was awarded a Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship Scholarship to support her international clinical experience. Lisa Landes, FNP, a medical provider for the U.S. State Department stationed in Mumbai, India, is serving as her preceptor.

Schlabach will spend the last part of her clinical practicum course providing primary health care to State Department staff and learning to consider differentials that reflect the local epidemiology. The experience is more than learning about health care, according to Landes. “It’s about learning to embrace a new culture and all (or at least, much) of what it has to offer!” she said.

Within a few days of arriving, Schlabach and Landes participated in Holi, the Indian festival of colors in which the community celebrates by spraying dry paint colors on each other to celebrate the coming of spring.

Lisa Landes and Carrie Schlabach
Lisa Landes and Carrie Schlabach
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