Every semester, graduating students in the Adult-Gerontology Primary Care and Adult-Gerontology Acute care concentrations at the VCU School of Nursing implement an evidenced-based research project in collaboration with their clinical faculty and preceptor. The evidenced-based project involves identification of a clinical problem, literature review with root cause analysis, implementation and evaluation of the intervention. A synthesis of learned knowledge into practice, the scholarly work promotes student leaders and improves clinical practice. This year two students are being recognized for their scholarly work beyond the walls of VCU School of Nursing. Christopher Stevenson authored a new “Algorithm for Burn Resuscitation.” He has presented at the Central Virginia EMS Expo and Southern Region Medical Association Burn Conference and will present at this year’s Virginia EMS Symposium in November 2013. Alana Saddic and preceptor Kathleen Richio, ACNP-c, developed an intervention focused on increasing awareness to the risks of driving while distracted to over 500 sophomore students at Cosby High School. They will submit their findings to the Panamerican Trauma Conference in Chile in November.

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