The VCU School of Nursing held its Recognition Ceremony on May 11 at the Siegel Center to honor 179 nursing degree candidates. VCU’s Spring 2012 Commencement Exercises were held on Saturday, May 12 at the Richmond Coliseum.
Nursing students honored with awards at the Recognition Ceremony include:
Suzanne English, Marguerite Nicholson Award
Megan Williams, Mabel E. Montgomery Award
Molly Wacek, Yingling Senior Achievement Award
Hadja Diallo, Yingling Senior Achievement Award
Margaret Leahy, Mayme B. Wilson Lacey Award
Jalessa Holmes, MCVAA Award
Katherine Noel, Temple Memorial Award
Yui Matsuda, Martha Borlick Research Award
Doctoral candidates and their dissertations included:
Yui Matsuda
“Predictors of Sexual Relationship Power, Communication and Family Planning Decision Making Among Latino Couples”
Ann McNallen
“Biobehavioral Correlates in Fibromyalgia”
Debra Rattican
“Symptom Clusters in Lung Cancer Patients”
Christina Szabo
“The Effect of Oral Care on Intracranial Pressure in Critically Ill Adults”
Deborah Fisher
“Opioid Withdrawal Signs and Symptoms in the Pediatric Patient During Opioid Tapering”
May 2012 Nursing Degree Candidates.pdf
Below are scenes from recognition day.

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