AJ (Adi) Clenance, a senior at the School of Nursing, lead a project to collect items for a care package to send to her husband and fellow soldiers stationed at Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan as the Platoon from MWCS-28, also known as the Spartans. AJ asked each soldier to share one thing he or she would like to receive. With the help of Chris Chrisman, Ashley Thomas, seniors here at the School of Nursing, Blair Cooke, a sophomore, and Sarah Williamson, a former research assistant, Clenance put the plan into action. The nursing volunteers filled boxes with canned goods, baked goods, candy, sheets and pillowcases, magazines and small notes of encouragement from nursing students.
Pictures below: Aj Clenance (to the right) and helpers filling the boxes; The platoon of Clenance’s husband stationed in Afghanistan.
Jerry's Platoon.JPG

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