Congratulations!! to two of VCUSON’s Advanced Baccalaureate nursing students, Elizabeth (Tess) Leppert and M. Ashley McLaughlin, recipients of the2009 APNA- Ortho-McNeil Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC Student Scholarship. Tess and Ashley will be attending the APNA 23rd Annual Conference, Oct 7-10, Charleston, SC. Please see the website.  

This is a highly competitive scholarship that is offered by the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) specifically to pay for registration, travel, room and board to the Annual APNA Conference. In addition to providing two references (one from a faculty member who is active APNA member and one from their Dean), the students had to provide a brief essay, “Personal Statement for Scholarship Application”, answering 3 questions: Describe what you believe is the future role of the psychiatric mental-health nurse; How do you think your experience as an APNA Janssen Scholar and your exposure to additional education in psychiatric mental health nursing will make a difference in the care you provide to the population that you see yourself serving?; and, Tell us why you should be selected for the APNA Janssen Scholarship.

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