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First hospital day in South Africa –Elayne’s blog

Today was our first day visiting the local hospitals. We are going to all eventually visit 3 public hospitals and 1 private one. My experience was supposed to be at Livingstone Hospital which is the busiest of the public hospitals and whenever I mentioned that I was going there everyone said, “Oh my, it will […]

Tsitsikamma adventures

Back from a weekend in Tsitsikamma. It was very cold and very fast paced. A few brave souls went bungee jumping. I have been asked to withhold their names until the next of kin have been notified about the jump. The good news is that they all survived and thrived! On Sunday the group went […]

Blog 2 from Rachel

24-7-07 – We had our orientation to the nursing program here at the University. It is amazing to me the amount of schooling the students must go through in order to become what we consider a registered nurse. They must complete 4,500 hours of clinical time over the course of four years. When they graduate […]

Kids in clinic

Blog 2 from Becca in South Africa

So i think the last day i left off was on monday, so i will start with tuesday. we went to a nursing orientation at NMMU and learned about their curriculum there. They have to have 4,500 clinical hours before they graduate and for those of you who don’t know at VCU we only need […]

Note from Margaret in South Africa

Hey everyone!! Africa is beautiful! We’ve been here a week and have already done so much. Last Sunday was a GREAT day for me because I got to hold a lion cub! I am huge animal lover and we visited a lion park. For about $6, you could hold a lion cub for about 10 […]

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