The U.S. will need more than 1.2 million new and replacement RNs by 2014. (”>U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, November 2005 Monthly Labor Review)

In Virginia
By 2020, Virginia is projected to have only 47,000 fulltime-equivalent RNs – a shortage of 22,600 nurses. Without increases in enrollments in nursing education programs, one in three patients will not have a nurse to care for them. (Condition of Nursing and Nursing Education in the Commonwealth, State Council for Higher Education for Virginia, January 2004)
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Please inform me of the amount of time a perspective student will wait, before being accepted into the Nursing program, to start clinical rotations ?
Thank you

How about R.N. refresher courses and/or means for “used-to-be R.N.” to re-enter the profession. I have a BSN and active license and clean record; nobody will hire me because I haven’t worked in last 10 years. I hear that recruiters prefer new graduates; I hear that there is not money and resources to get me back in. What nursing shortage?

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