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VCU Online and Academic Technologies have teamed up once again to bring the VCU community a series of asynchronous self-paced mini-courses. These courses are a redesign of our previous Teaching with Technology Bootcamp sessions and integrate both technological and pedagogical insights. They are intended for faculty and staff who are interested in learning more about using Canvas to facilitate their course(s).

Canvas users with beginner to intermediate experience will benefit immensely from the knowledge brought forth by our qualified professionals at their most pivotal moments throughout the semester. Each course has a 10 day time limit from the time of enrollment and should take no longer than 1 hour to complete.

Sessions include:

  • Assessments in Technology – This intermediate level course covers the how and why of using technology to assess your students’ mastery of course objectives. Participants can refer back to this material as needed throughout the semester.
  • Canvas “Be Awares” – This beginner to intermediate level course covers some unique characteristics and a variety of different technical considerations in Canvas that might throw you for a loop. Because of the variety of content in this course, learners are encouraged to pick and choose pages to explore based on their individual needs and interests. 
  • Creating Your Canvas Shell – This beginner level course should be taken prior to the semester as you begin thinking about the logistics of your course. You will be shown how to set up your Canvas shell from creating assignments to using your inbox feature, as well as, best practices for your first week of classes.
  • Effective Zoom Courses – We understand that managing Zoom while trying to engage with students can be overwhelming. This beginner level course aims to help alleviate some of the pressure by examining some pedagogical perspectives you can utilize in Zoom as well as offering some tips and insights on how to better utilize the software. Learners will find this course useful throughout the semester as communication needs arise.
  • Grading in Canvas – It is wise to begin thinking about how you would like your gradebook to flow as you are beginning to orchestrate your course. This beginner to intermediate level course exposes you to tools in Canvas alongside instructional strategies that will help you manage your gradebook from beginning to end.
  • Managing Large Courses – If you are new to teaching large courses or have taught large courses for one or two semesters, this beginner to intermediate level course integrates technological and pedagogical concerns and explores useful Canvas tools and strategies, including course content and assessment considerations.

Visit the Surviving in Canvas Mini-Course page for a list of asynchronous courses that can be taken at your own convenience throughout the year.

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback about these courses, please reach out to LSrequest@vcu.edu.

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