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VCU Researcher seeks to end the stigma around the “secret club no one wants to belong to”

iCubed scholar Kristina Hood wants to help those who endure fertility challenges and pregnancy loss She grew up in a tight-knit family. Now, VCU researcher Kristina Hood is turning her attention to helping women facing challenges in expanding their own families. “I met many, many women who’ve experienced difficulty having kids as well as loss […]

Diversity Drives Excellence: Building community through dance

With their “Hoptown” immersive performance, iCubed professor MK Abadoo uses sistering circles to create intergenerational connections Beautiful art sometimes originates in dark places. For MK Abadoo, VCU dance professor and iCubed scholar in the Racial Equity, Arts and Culture core, the passion project that has consumed much of their time and energy over the past […]

iCubed Scholar Seeks Answers for How Racial and Ethnic Identities Form and Change

Chelsea Williams’ Research Seeks a Broader View on Intimate Questions of Identity You’ve checked a box under race/ethnicity on more applications – for college enrollment, car loans, and random surveys – than you could ever remember. But why did you select the box that you did? When did you first learn which one to pick? […]

Glover’s work on self-determination is not just theoretical but deeply personal

The activist, performer and iCubed scholar studies and celebrates the embodied knowledge of marginalized communities “I really am a shapeshifter,” asserts Julian Kevon Glover, Ph.D. “You never know what I’m going to look like.” She continues, “Today I was listening to Shania Twain’s ‘Man I Feel Like a Woman’ so here I am dressed in […]

VCU GSWS professor works to improve the university that she was never meant to attend

Deflected from her medical school dreams, Liz Canfield dug into activism and abolitionist thought Attending VCU opened countless doors for Liz Canfield, Ph.D., who comes from a working class background and a family history of substance use and incarceration. “I wasn’t meant to go to college,” she said. But she did–multiple times, in fact–and graduated from […]

iCubed scholar Cecelia Valrie spearheads pediatric sickle cell research project that was awarded a $420K NIH grant

The project aims to predict sickle cell pain episodes so that the 20 million people living with the disease can better manage–or hopefully prevent altogether–their pain episodes.

Growing Up in the Segregated South Inspires Senior University Professor

Faye Belgrave, Ph.D., reflects on her upbringing and academic journey at a My Life, My Scholarship speaking event.

From the Fashion Runways of Washington DC to the Inclusivity Leadership of South Africa, VCU’s Maurice Gattis is Searching for a Spark in People

Two-Time Fulbright Scholar Says Representation and Mentoring are Keys to Success Dr. Maurice N. Gattis always highlights something positive when he evaluates student work. Gattis, an associate professor in the VCU School of Social Work, and an iCubed Scholar in the Intersections in the Lives of LGBTQIA+ Communities core says his intention isn’t to soothe […]

Latino psychologist and iCubed scholar Oswaldo Moreno is on a mission to work with and for his community

Oswaldo Moreno, Ph.D., wants more than just a seat at the table; he wants to revolutionize the table, and all the systems that were built without minoritized and underrepresented people in mind.

iCubed Follows Record-Breaking Year with Focus on Collaborative Team Science

VCU’s Institute for Inclusion, Inquiry and Innovation, also known as iCubed, is coming off of a record breaking year, having secured more than $8 million in grant funding.

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