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Virginia Commonwealth University is proud to announce the Call Me By My Name Initiative. The first stage of this initiative guarantees the opportunity for everyone at VCU to be their most authentic selves. It honors individuals’ right to use names other than their legal name, to identify with the gender they know themselves to be and to utilize the pronouns that best fit them. 

VCU has added three new fields which are currently available in eServices for all Monroe Park and Health Sciences employees and students to update: name/name of use, gender/gender identity and pronouns. In the coming months, VCU Health and VCU Health Sciences will update their platforms to utilize these fields. For detailed information and instruction, visit the Call Me By My Name website

This initiative is a multi-year, multi-phase process and includes ongoing updates to VCU’s platforms as the initiative continues to evolve. For example, future iterations will address professional identity naming processes. With your support, information on gender and pronouns will allow us to tell our VCU story in more comprehensive and inclusive ways that reflect a truer representation of who we are as an institution and as a community.

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