Compliance Corner – Issue 2.11

Dear Reader, In an effort to streamline our process, and starting with this month’s blog, we will now combine both of our regular blog posts together into one longer monthly blog called Compliance Corner. At the top, you’ll still find the same topical content and commentary you’ve become accustomed to. And if you scroll a […]

No Mischief Here: Managing a Conflict of Interest

A Compliance Case Study The People: Dr. Florinda Alvarez – A celebrated professor and researcher in VCU’s Department of Psychiatry. She also owns a company called Hypnoloos which includes a hypnotherapy program to help morbidly obese people lose weight and develop healthy habits. Dr. Sami Morton – VCU School of Psychiatry Department Chair The Scenario: […]

Tricks, No Treats: An Update on All Things Cyber and Spooky

Compliance Corner – Issue 2.10 Once again, autumn is upon us. The days are shorter, the smell of Pumpkin Spice soars through the air and neighbors bedeck their balconies and yards with scarecrows, bales of hay and gourds of every shape and size. Orange and purple lights, faux skeletons and tombstones announce the appearance of […]

Three Cheers for Tchotchkes! (And why we mean what they say)

Compliance Corner – Issue 2.9 A closet full Boxes and bags, on shelves, overflowing Three cheers for tchotchkes, I say! When I stepped into my role as the Training and Communications Specialist for the Integrity and Compliance Office, one of the things I inherited was a closet full of ICO tchotchkes. You know them: sticky-note […]

Playing for Both Teams at Once

A Compliance Case Study The People:  Dr. Greg Normandy – A term faculty member in VCU’s School of the Arts Dr. Anika Patel – Department Chair, School of the Arts Dr. Erin Feeney – Dean, School of the Arts  The Setting:  Dr. Patel’s office in the School of the Arts. The Event: Dr. Erin Feeney […]

When Silence Isn’t Golden

Compliance Corner – Issue 2.7 “Put a sock in it.” “Mum’s the word.” “Keep it on the downlow.” In their 1964 song, “Silence is Golden” Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons considered the virtues of keeping quiet. The protagonist of the song reasons that if he tells the girl he loves that her boyfriend cheats […]

Double Trouble in the Lab

A Compliance Case Study The People:  Dr. Alicia Farr – Researcher and faculty member, VCU School of Dentistry, Founder and CEO of start-up company Dentura Corinne Jackson – Employee of Dr. Farr’s company Dentura  Trey Lewis – A postdoc research assistant in the School of Dentistry Amineh Habib – A postdoc research assistant in the […]

Speaking of Sustainability: The E in the ESG at VCU

Compliance Corner – Issue 2.6 (Last month, we took a look at ESG [Environmental, Social and Governance] and the connection between business and corporate responsibility. We also pondered the effects of Gen Z and the Millennials taking over the workforce on the future of ESG. This month, we’ll explore the role of ESG – with a […]

Speaking With One Voice

Greetings from the ICO! This month, we’re delivering an extra Compliance Corner post – from Guest Blogger Jason Block – to highlight a new policy on speaking with government officials.  If you’ve been at VCU for any length of time, you know that promoting a speak-up culture is part of our mission in the Integrity […]

Cell phones and Girl Scouts and goats, oh my! (Or, what I learned about ESG while in New Jersey)

Compliance Corner – Issue 2.5 [This month’s Compliance Corner kicks-off a two-month exploration of ESG.] What do cell phones, goats and Girl Scouts have to do with ethics? Plenty. The Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI) held their annual IMPACT conference last month and one of the themes that emerged was that of the changing attitude […]

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