Dr. Andrew Yeudall Appointed Director of Basic Dental Science Education

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Andrew Yeudall has been appointed as the Director of Basic Dental Science Education. This is a new, and critical, administrative appointment to provide leadership in the delivery of biomedical and behavioral sciences instruction for all school of dentistry students. Dr. Yeudall will be responsible for leading and coordinating basic and clinical sciences instruction with goals of increasing student retention of biomedical knowledge and applying it to patient care. This new position is designed to lead to greater integration of the biomedical, behavioral, and clinical sciences education for all students. Integrated instruction across all the sciences, and its application of evidence-based patient care, are key features of the Institute of Medicine review Dental Education at the Crossroads: Challenges and Change and the ADEA Commission on Change and Innovation in Dental Education. This appointment is critical to implementing the new accreditation standards for dental education programs as we prepare for the next Commission on Dental Accreditation site visit in 2017. Dr. Yeudall will also direct the evidence-based dentistry course series for DDS students, coordinate the basic science curriculum in Master of Science in Dentistry program for advanced education students, and continue his research. Dr. Yeudall will report to Dr. Ellen Byrne, Senior Associate Dean for these duties.

This new appointment is designed to support the goals of the VCU Quest for Distinction and the School of Dentistry’s new strategic plan.

VCU Quest Support: Theme1, B; Theme II, C; Theme III, C

School of Dentistry Strategic Plan Support:
Vision 1, Goal 1.1 The SOD will provide students with academic and clinical curricula that reflect the myriad of skills needed for future success;
Vision 3, Goal 3.1 The SOD will be known for high quality and value of its patient services, including undergraduate, graduate and faculty practice;
Vision 3, Goal 3.3 The SOD will provide leadership in the Commonwealth on changes in the field of dentistry and dental practice, including emerging work models.

Dr. Yeudall attended Glasgow University, where he obtained degrees in Biochemistry (1983) and Dentistry (1986). Subsequently, he was awarded a research training fellowship by the Medical Research Council. He carried out studies at the Beatson Institute in the laboratory of Dr. Saveria Campo, investigating the possible role of human papillomaviruses in the etiology of oral cancer. These studies led to the degree of PhD (1991). In 1990, he was appointed as a lecturer in oral medicine and oral surgery at Bristol University, after which he moved, in 1993, as a visiting associate scientist to the laboratory of Dr. Keith Robbins at the National Institutes of Health. He held a visiting lectureship at the Eastman Dental Institute from 1995-98, and was appointed to positions of senior investigator (1999) and clinical senior lecturer (2001) at King’s College London. In 2003, Dr. Yeudall moved to Richmond, Virginia, as an associate professor of oral and craniofacial molecular biology in the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry. He is also a member scientist in the VCU Massey Cancer Center and an associate professor of biochemistry. He gained Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists (Oral Pathology) in 2013.

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