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VCU News round-up features Anna Mitchell and her experience at Live Art

A ground-breaking program offered by local arts non-profit, the School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community, celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Over the past several years, LIVE ART has invited VCU students to work as interns for the program through a service-learning class offered by Christine Hoffman as part of the Music Education curriculum.

VCU student Anna Mitchell enthused about this class in a recent VCU News round-up where students were asked to identify their “best class ever.” LIVE ART is unique in inviting children in the community with and without disabilities to participate together to create performances pieces in collaboration with professional artists with national acclaim. Mitchell, who is neurodivergent, found inspiration in a place that was “so accessible for all types of students.”

Not only did Mitchell take the service-learning class, she went on to serve as a Service-Learning Teaching Assistant (SLTA) for two semesters of the class and has helped ensure the class will be available to students who aren’t majoring in Music Education.

Read Mitchell’s complete testimonial, along with other student stories, in this story.

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