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What did the next generation of creators think about the Super Bowl 57 ads?

That’s a question many marketers and brands would probably like to know, and one that certainly piqued our interest at USA TODAY Ad Meter.

When considering the near-record 113 million viewers who tuned in for the big game—some, if not most, doing so specifically for the commercials—to get a glimpse at a focused demographic’s thoughts about the grandest stage on the advertising calendar seemed like a fun project.

Focused data isn’t the easiest to obtain these days, however, so we got lucky when the Brandcenter at Virginia Commonwealth University reached out with an idea: Have the program’s grad students watch the Ad Meter lineup, rate the ads, and provide a few thoughts about what worked and what didn’t.

The voice of a new generation, so to speak —and a great one at that.

Which ad took the top prize? Here’s the 2023 Ad Meter Top 10

The Brandcenter at VCU is a two-year, full-time graduate program where students can concentrate on five areas of marketing-related study: Art Direction, Copywriting, Strategy, Creative Brand Management, and Experience Design. 

Grads of the program earn a Master of Science degree in Business, and have gone on to work in top-tier ad agencies, like Wieden + Kennedy, Mischief, and The Martin Agency, plus well brands like Google, Apple, and Nike.

And probably most impressive, alums have been involved in some 20-plus Super Bowl commercials each year, including 2023 spots for Busch Light, DoorDash, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Rakuten, Molson Coors, Oikos Yogurt, Tubi, Pepsi Zero, Kia,, and more.

Simply put: This was no average Super Bowl Commercial Watch Party.

Here’s how the students rated the Ad Meter ads…


1. The Farmer’s Dog: “Forever,” 8.14

2. RAM: “Premature Electrification,” 7.76

3. Google: “Fixed on Pixel” 7.63

“The Fixed on Pixel ad stood out to me with its refreshingly straightforward approach to showcasing the product. Amidst the chaos of a room filled with passionate Eagles fans, the ad showed key features of the phone with fun celeb cameos and without the need for everyone’s full attention.” – Nate Villaire, Experience Design student

4. General Motors and Netflix: “EVs On Screen,” 7.33

“My favorite ad was the Will Ferrell spot for General Motors and Netflix. Normalizing EVs in television shows is a thoughtful strategic move.” – Peyton Spangler, Experience Design student

5. NFL: “Run With It,” 7.16

6. Squarespace: “The Singularity,” 7.14

7. Doritos: “Jack’s New Angle,” 6.98

8. Miller Lite and Coors Light: “The High Stakes Beer Ad,” 6.78

9. PopCorners: “Breaking Good,” 6.75

10. Workday: “Rockstar,” 6.49

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