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Using the Language Translation Feature

The “Language Translation” feature has been enabled for VCU Zoom users. With it, you can provide non-English speakers with a real-time translation to the language they need. As host, you’ll need to enable language interpretation when you schedule your meeting. The feature requires the cooperation of a meeting participant who act as an interpreter. It […]

Participants Can Choose Breakout Rooms in Zoom 5.3.0

The latest version of the Zoom desktop client adds the ability for meeting participants to place themselves in Breakout Rooms. With Version 5.3.0, the meeting host can decide from three choices when using Breakout Rooms: (1) allow Zoom to randomly assign participants into a designated number of rooms, (2) let the host manually make the […]

UPDATE: Passcodes and Waiting Rooms NOT Mandatory Starting 9/27

In a reversal of the company’s previously announced policies, Zoom has decided NOT to enforce Waiting Rooms or Passcodes on all meetings starting September 27. Zoom says this reversal is “based on the feedback that we received about both the nature and timing of these changes.” While it’s unfortunate this decision comes so close to […]

Enabling Passcodes Or Waiting Rooms for Meetings

(NOTE: This article has been edited to reflect Zoom’s decision NOT to enforce Waiting Rooms or Passcodes for all meetings, as originally announced.) “Zoombombing,” or unwanted intrusions into Zoom meetings by uninvited troublemakers, continues to be an issue for users worldwide. Waiting Rooms and Passcodes are two ways to combat this trend. To make passcodes […]