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VCU’s Major maps encourage major and career exploration, inspire professional networking, and engage students in real-world experiences, culminating in a VCU graduate who not only excelled in their area of study, but will also excel in their next professional goal, whether it be a career opportunity, graduate school or entrepreneurial endeavor.

Students who are unsure of their major can use major maps to learn more about the academic requirements for potential majors and related career opportunities.   Once committed to their major, students can use the maps to identify and gain relevant experience in their field while staying on track with key curricular milestones, ultimately graduating on time, with minimal debt, and the greatest professional success!

Join Maggie Tolan, Senior Associate Vice President for Student Success, in this virtual session to learn more about how VCU uses major maps to help your student find their “Spark!” which helps them to fully engage in their major and take the steps necessary to enter their professions upon graduation.

July 13, 9-10am

July 14, 12-1pm

July 28, 9-10am

July 29, 12-1pm

August 12, 9-10am

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