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Dear students,

Yesterday evening, Sept, 5, the Richmond Police Department responded to an off-campus incident that involved two VCU students. The students were near a large gathering of people on Laurel Street when shots were fired. 

The two students were injured and went to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. They have both been released from the hospital and are recovering.  

The Richmond Police Department is investigating the incident with assistance from VCU Police. If you have information, you can call (804) 828-1196 or send in tips on the LiveSafe app; anonymous tips are accepted.

 Whether you’re on, or off campus, please keep personal safety in mind. A few key reminders:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Do not let cell phone conversations, earbuds, music or texting keep you from paying attention while traveling the area.
  • If someone threatens you, avoid physical confrontation, if possible. Walk or run away and notify police as soon as possible; provide details about the suspect.
  • When you’re on or off campus, trust your instincts about a person or situation. Always choose safety over courtesy.
  • In the event someone approaches you, the information you provide to police will help identify the suspect(s). Focus on what clothing they’re wearing (including shoes and accessories), their height and weight and last known direction of travel.
  • Immediately report suspicious activity to police. If you do not have access to a cell phone, use the nearest Emergency Reporting Telephone. You will automatically be connected to VCU Police.
  • Use the LiveSafe app and send a photo of the suspect, if you can do so safely.

Also remember there are support services available. You can contact the offices below:

  • University Counseling Services by phone (804) 828-6200 or email uccounseling@vcu.edu.
  • Dean of Students office by phone (804) 828-8940 (Monroe Park Campus), (804) 828-0525 (MCV Campus) or email vcudean@vcu.edu.


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