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Dear students,

I wanted to ensure you are aware of two important items as we transition into the start of the fall semester next month. In June, VCU shared information regarding mandatory vaccination and health/safety requirements. Adopting measures to help promote a safe environment for students, faculty, staff, patients and the general public continues to be a VCU priority. Our community has proven that we’re responsible together.

Responsible Together Course
All students will be required to complete the Responsible Together Course. The course is designed so that all students will have a better understanding of the steps being taken by the university to ensure their health and safety, as well as an understanding of their expected contributions to the health, safety and success of our VCU community – both on-campus and wherever a student may be studying/learning/engaging at this time.

This course is now available in Canvas for all students who are registered for at least one Fall semester course. All students are required to complete the Responsible Together Course by Tuesday, Aug. 24, or by the time you arrive on campus for move-in, on-campus classes or to access any activities on campus.

To access the training:

  • Login to Canvas and search for the “Responsible Together Course” on the dashboard. 
  • Click on the course to open it, and click on Assignments to access the full course content.
  • If you aren’t enrolled in the course, please email dsa@vcu.edu.

Completion of the training will be monitored via the Canvas grade book with follow up. If you have questions about access to the training or completion status, please email dsa@vcu.edu. Please visit the Responsible Together Course Information page for more information.

COVID Vaccine Requirement
COVID-19 Vaccination is required for all students who live, learn, work or will be on campus for any reason (excluding those with religious or health exemptions). Students attending fall classes must report their vaccination to University Student Health Services no later than July 15 (if the vaccine requires two doses, both doses should be reported). Health Sciences students and those taking summer classes should receive and report their vaccinations sooner, if possible. For more information about full vaccination, documentation requirements, religious and health exemptions and vaccine manufacturers, see the vaccine FAQ.

Our students, faculty and staff share responsibility for helping to foster the health of our community. We must be able to rely on one another to comply with university guidelines and expectations for health and safety promotion. We appreciate your actions in contributing to this effort.


Charles J. Klink, Ph.D.
Senior Vice Provost for Student Affairs

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