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Dear Students,

We hope that your recent university reading day was beneficial and that you successfully navigated midterms. As we approach the end of the semester and the final exam period we want to remind you that academic honesty, truth and integrity are vitally important to advancing knowledge and promoting student success at VCU. Toward this end, last December the Honor System and Standards of Academic Conduct revision was approved with some significant changes. 

We wanted to draw your attention to these revisions, including:

  • The Faculty Administrative Resolution (FAR) broadens direct participation of faculty and students in resolving minor Honor System violations.
  • An expanded range of sanctions aligns with the educational role of the university.
  • Revised definitions of violations provide greater clarity to assist  students in complying  with the Honor System and in identifying misconduct.
  • Students may request early removal of an honor violation transcript notation due to compelling mitigating circumstances by applying to the Senior Vice Provost for Student Affairs.

All members of the university community are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the policy and to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity.

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

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