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Dear Students:

Now is the time to plan for your optional COVID-19 exit test. VCU will offer a limited number of tests to all students at no cost to the student. Exit testing offers you the opportunity to test for COVID-19 as you prepare to leave campus for the spring semester. Students who plan to return home, especially those who may have contact with at-risk family members, are urged to participate in exit testing. 

To gauge interest and plan appropriately for testing capacity, please sign up here no later than Friday, April 9 if you plan to participate in exit testing. VCU will make every effort to accommodate those who wish to participate in exit testing. Next steps about exit testing will be communicated by email.

You must be asymptomatic to participate in exit testing. Exit testing does not require a referral from Student Health Services. Exit tests are provided by a third-party laboratory and are COVID-19 PCR tests, with the same reliability as tests used for on-campus asymptomatic surveillance and at-will testing. Once completed, you must continue to strictly adhere to all public safety measures prior to returning home. 

Students experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or those who have been exposed to someone testing positive for COVID-19, must contact Student Health Services (1-804-MYCOVID or 1-804-692-6843) for more information about testing options and next steps.

If you have questions, please contact covidtest@vcu.edu


Charles Klink, Ph.D.
Senior Vice Provost
Division of Student Affairs

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