Return to Campus training and daily health check

Dear students,

As we look ahead to our return to campus for the fall semester, I wanted to ensure you are aware of two important items during this transition. President Rao shared some updates in his message regarding the university’s plan for returning to campus. Adopting measures to help promote a safe environment for students, faculty, staff, patients and the general public is a VCU priority. Your completing the Return to Campus training and the daily health check are two vital steps in this effort.

Return to Campus training

Before returning to campus, you must complete the VCU Student Return to Campus training found in Blackboard.

To access the training:

  • Login to Blackboard and search for the “Return to Campus” course.
  • You must complete the full course and pass the assessment with a minimum of an 80%.
  • Once you’ve clicked ‘yes’ to acknowledge the Health Attestation statements that come after the assessment, you must click on the yellow button stating, “Thank you for Completing Your Training,” to finalize your training and receive a grade.
  • Your completion will not be recorded without completing this final step.
  • If you aren’t enrolled in the course, please email

All students are required to complete this training prior to returning to campus (even if your courses are fully on-line this semester). You must complete the training by August 17th or your actual return to campus, whichever is sooner. The training will provide you with a better understanding of the steps the university is taking in its efforts to help lessen the risk of COVID-19 and promote health and safety. The training also provides you with an understanding of your required and important contributions to the health, safety and success of our VCU community. Please visit the Return to Campus Student Training website for more information.

Daily health check

Each day, per the One VCU: Responsible Together plan, you are required to complete a brief daily health check. It is essential that we make daily personal health monitoring a priority. More information can be found on the testing and screening website.  

A reminder email with a link to the health check will be sent daily to your VCU email account. Please be sure to make checking this account a daily habit as well. You can also access the daily health check by visiting the Daily Health website.

Our students, faculty and staff share responsibility for helping to foster the health of our community. We must be able to rely on one another to comply with university guidelines and expectations for health and safety promotion. We appreciate your actions in contributing to this effort.


Charles Klink, Ph.D.
Senior Vice Provost
Division of Student Affairs