Staying Hungry

My favorite quote that I like to say to people around campus is to “”Stay Hungry”“ I appreciate that students at VCU are so driven , hungry and motivated. I admire that the majority of us students are engaged in the VCU community and willing to take on any obstacle that is in the way of achieving a goal. Many students here have inspired me to continue to accomplish my goals in order to be successful at VCU and after I graduate. I also appreciate that there are many faculty members here who supports my vision and not afraid to give me advice on how to execute my vision! I have learned so much about myself at VCU and it is because of the opportunities here. VCU provides a lot opportunity for us and it is up to us as students to take the initiative to get these opportunities. My main goal in life is to make sure everyone around me succeeds. This is my favorite part of being involved in VCU Student Affairs as a Resident Assistant. I enjoy motivating my residents, organization members and peers while letting them know the value in their dreams! Once I help them and they continue to succeed on campus it is truly rewarding. Being involved in Student Affairs I see a lot of opportunities that can valuable for my friends and classmates. I make sure I notify them of every opportunity!

I have learned two valuable lessons from my involvement. First lesson is that if you just give people a little motivation it can take them so far into reaching their goal. As a junior, I have noticed how some people on campus are not used to friends pushing and motivating them. After motivating, you can see the positive change in their attitude towards their goal. The next lesson is, as a leader it is important to take care of yourself first in order to care for others. One quote that I love is ” You can’t pour from an empty cup!” Once people see an enhancement in your happiness, they can relate to you more and become inspired. Programs and opportunities such as VCU LEAD, I-LEAD, VCU Housing, and multiple opportunities in Snead Hall has been providing ways for me to succeed at this! The lessons I have learned here thus far has definitely made me stronger.

In the future I see myself making a huge impact on the world through motivation. While pursuing my goal of becoming Partner of an accounting firm, I want to start a program for high school students on the importance of financial literacy, and succeeding after high school. After excelling in the accounting field, I want to operate my own employment agency to assist in decreasing the unemployment rate. Giving back is so important to me because, I had support while growing up. I want people to have the same amount of support I had, if not more!

Curtis Holloway, ’19, is an International Studies and Spanish majors.