Families of Students

A Timeline for Parents and Families

Throughout the school year, your student will experience many different experiences. Whether your student is just beginning their at VCU, transferring from another institution or returning to the university, adjusting to a new environment can be challenging. Below are some tips on how to support your student throughout the year:


  • Encourage your student to participate in Welcome Week events, particularly the SOVO Fair – a one-stop-shop for clubs and activities at VCU.
  • If your student is living on campus, encourage them to get to know their RA.
  • As classes begin, encourage time management and ask them about their favorite class or professor. Encourage them to go to their professor’s office hours, meet with their academic adviser and/or the Campus Learning Center for any classes they’re struggling in.





  • As your student returns from break, encourage them to capitalize on a new semester.


  • Check the VCU Academic Calendar and plan accordingly for Spring break.
  • Discuss next year’s living options, whether your student wants to live on campus or off campus, VCU has resources to support students no matter where they live.