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No. 28 M.S.W. Program in the U.S.

Seven students stand and hold artificial candles to mark their induction into the Phi Alpha Honor Society.
A group of Phi Alpha Honor Society inductees

The VCU School of Social Work is pleased to recognize the academic and service excellence of more than 100 students for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Trophy with ram's head. VCU School of Social Work

Honors include participation of students who were recognized for their pursuit as applicants for prestigious scholarships and fellowships through VCU’s National Scholarship Office; VCU and School of Social Work annual awards, SSW scholarships and Phi Alpha Honor Society inductees; 15 students received multiple honors or recognition.

One student who graduated in May 2023 from the B.S.W. Program, Oscar Kemp, was also recognized by the NSO for receiving the Payne Fellowship and receiving/declining the Clarke DS Fellowship.

In addition, Liz Cramer, Ph.D., professor, was named the winner of the school’s annual Social Justice Award; and Kimberly King, field education administrative coordinator, received the Outstanding Staff Award.

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National Scholarship Office participants*

Critical Language Scholarship

  • Austin Ezzard, B.S.W. Program
  • Kayla Swope, B.S.W. Program

Fulbright Scholarship Program

  • Sefa Gagble, B.S.W. Program
  • Kayla Swope, B.S.W. Program

Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship

  • Tasnuva Majid, B.S.W. Program
  • Sharon Tamayo, B.S.W. Program

Presisdential Management Fellowship Program

  • Dillon Mathew-Gilmore, M.S.W. Program

Voyager Scholarship

  • Day Caldwell, B.S.W. Program
  • Laila McGlone, B.S.W. Program

*Participated in application process but was not awarded.

VCU and SSW awards

Anne Fischer Scholarship

  • Sierra Horton, M.S.W. Program
  • Isobel O’Hare, M.S.W. Program
  • Rachel Wells, M.S.W. Program

Bill and Sherry Peterson Scholarship

  • Jessica Zarnegar, M.S.W. Program

Black History in the Making (VCU)

  • Faith Holmes, B.S.W. Program
  • Jenée Lee, Ph.D. Program

Bob Green Research Fund

  • Caitlyn Joseph, M.S.W. Program

Campbell Merit Scholarship in Social Work

  • Keegan Ross, B.S.W. Program

Cesare and Ida Sclarandis Fund

  • Talaya Matthews, M.S.W. Program

David N. Saunders Legislative Intern Fund

  • Lillian Hettrick, M.S.W. Program

Dr. David P. Beverly Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Lindsay Cunningham, M.S.W. Program
  • Cameron Law, M.S.W. Program

Dr. Grace E. Harris Scholarship

  • Madison Murphey, B.S.W. Program
  • Catherine Kudiabor, B.S.W. Program

Dr. Marilyn A. Biggerstaff Fund for Doctoral Student Research

  • Matthew Morgan, Ph.D. Program

Don L. Bradley Endowed Scholarship

  • Christina Daley-Quental, M.S.W. Program

Elaine Z. Rothenberg Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Rebecca Amos, M.S.W. Program
  • Jillian Fortney, B.S.W. Program
  • Emma Heinrich, M.S.W. Program
  • Jenée Lee, Ph.D. Program
  • Kayla Ruiz, B.S.W. Program

Emmett W. Cocke, Jr. Scholarship

  • Rebecca Amos, M.S.W. Program

Fostering Success Scholarship

  • Deanie Barrion, M.S.W. Program
  • Karen Collins-Powell, M.S.W. Program
  • Catherine Kudiabor, B.S.W. Program

Frank and Patricia Baskind Scholarship

  • Amy Gersten, M.S.W. Program
  • Andrea Martinez Alvarado, B.S.W. Program
  • Rebekah O’Donnell, M.S.W. Program

Gaye Shinall Jones Merit Scholarship

  • Leah Kaper-Dale, B.S.W. Program

Hans S. Falck Scholarship

  • Paola Roldán, Ph.D. Program

Hatcher Merit Scholarship in Social Work

  • Leah Kaper-Dale, B.S.W. Program

Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Social Workers in Aging

  • Rebecca Amos, M.S.W. Program
  • Claire Armstrong, M.S.W. Program
  • Jessica Zarnegar, M.S.W. Program

Hurtado Family Endowed Scholarship

  • Leah Lingus, B.S.W. Program

Joanne Kerbs Caramanica Scholarship

  • Eileanora Clock, M.S.W. Program
  • Megan O’Connor, M.S.W. Program
  • Tennea Taylor-Jenkins, M.S.W. Program

Judy M. Thomas “Dr. T.” B.S.W. Scholarship

  • Faith Arata, B.S.W. Program
  • Jailine Martinez, B.S.W. Program

Kimberly K. Giancaspro Scholarship

  • Stephanie Morris, M.S.W. Program

Martin S. Schwartz Scholarship

  • Su Jung Park, M.S.W. Program
  • Camille Starr, M.S.W. Program

Mel C. Whipple Scholarship Fund

  • Mia Milligan, M.S.W. Program

Pamela B. Nystrom Memorial Scholarship

  • Clajiah Hannah, B.S.W. Program
  • Michael Verner, B.S.W. Program

Peace and Justice Scholarship

  • Jlamie Pyles, M.S.W. Program

Rick and Brenda Faulkner Scholarship

  • Sonia Conley, B.S.W. Program
  • Caitlyn Joseph, M.S.W. Program
  • Destiny Lowman, M.S.W. Program

Rita Schleuter Memorial Fund

  • Jeff Quinanola, B.S.W. Program

Robin M. McKinney Dissertation Honor Fund Endowment

  • Jenée Lee, Ph.D. Program

School of Social Work Service & Leadership Award

  • Lindsay Cunningham., M.S.W. Program
  • Nicole Dann, B.S.W. Program
  • Katie Kim, Ph.D. Program
  • Jenée Lee, Ph.D. Program
  • Andrew Martinek, M.S.W. Program
  • Paloma Rodriguez Saucedo, B.S.W. Program
  • Angela-Marie Rone, M.S.W. Program
  • Muna Selah, Ph.D. Program
  • Paige Wise, M.S.W. Program

School of Social Work Social Justice Award

  • Sydney Brookman, B.S.W. Program
  • Beck Oh, M.S.W. Program

Social Work Administration, Planning, and Policy Practice Scholarship

  • Lindsay Cunningham, M.S.W. Program
  • Lillian Hettrick, M.S.W. Program
  • Vanessa Ramiel Martinez, M.S.W. Program

Student Field Impact Award

  • Heidi Arroyo, M.S.W. Program
  • Elizabeth Gentile, B.S.W. Program
  • Nancy Johnson, B.S.W. Program
  • Rachel Wells, M.S.W. Program

Thomas Carlton Memorial Fund

  • Jamaica Taylor, M.S.W. Program

Phi Alpha honorary inductees

B.S.W. Program

  • Amelia Burlynn Anderson
  • Faith Arata
  • Anastasia Fleischman
  • Jillian Fortney
  • Christina Fuentes
  • Kaeli Jarvis
  • Joey Kniceley
  • Ariel Gaia Lader
  • Ashton Miller
  • Danielle Lynn Rhoten
  • Angie L. Shiflett
  • Julia Stodard

M.S.W. Program

  • Rebecca Amos
  • Christine Ashkar
  • Amber Attreed
  • Sav Barnett
  • Jenni Bivins
  • Julia Bridgen
  • Samantha Cain
  • Tara Campanella
  • Olivia Carney
  • Jordan Clark
  • Margaret DeGarmo
  • Heather Disbrow
  • Samantha Faith
  • Kelsey Fastabend
  • Destiny Fore
  • Cindy Hanig
  • Erin Henshaw
  • Sierra Horton
  • Christine Hutson
  • Lillian Isbell
  • Brielle Kittrell
  • Sheryl Klauer
  • Joe Kreiter
  • Jole Leon Guerrero
  • Sam Lichtenstein
  • Kelly Loss
  • Pamela Lurie
  • Ty Martin
  • Ailsa McCutchenson
  • Glenn Milich
  • Rebecca Nickerson
  • Kelsey O’Brien
  • Megan O’Connor
  • Isobel O’Hare
  • Christine Paquette
  • Jennifer Runyan
  • Autumn Shifflett
  • Amber Steeneck
  • Melissa Tran
  • Grace Wells
  • Anna Marie Yombo
  • Jessica Zarnegar

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