School of Social Work

No. 28 M.S.W. Program in the U.S.

The VCU School of Social Work is pleased to recognize the academic and service excellence of nearly 100 students (plus faculty and staff) as we close the 2021-2022 academic year.

Honors include our annual student awards, scholarship recognition and/or induction into our Phi Alpha Honor Society; 12 students received multiple honors.

In addition, Hollee McGinnis, Ph.D., assistant professor, was named the winner of the school’s annual Social Justice Award; and Cinnamon Francis, M.Sc., field education enrollment and agreements manager, received the Outstanding Staff Award.

Five social work students pose in front of a VCU School of Social Work backdrop
Some of the VCU School of Social Work student award and scholarship recipients. Above, Elicia Carter, Danielle Briggs, Haley Williams, Oscar Kemp and Sophia Booker. Below, Kayla Riddick and Nicole Trainum.

Rosa Jimenez-Vazquez Adelante Scholarship: Sirviendo La Comunidad Hispana

Cynthia Ramirez, M.S.W. student

Frank and Patricia Baskind Gift-Giving Scholarship for Students with Special Needs

  • ChaQuena Coleman, M.S.W. student
  • Oscar Kemp, B.S.W. student

Dr. David P. Beverly Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Bradley Carney, M.S.W. student
  • Jeremy Yacovone, M.S.W. student

Black History in the Making

Elicia Carter, M.S.W. student

Campbell Merit Scholarship in Social Work

Keegan Ross, B.S.W. student

Joanne Kerbs Caramanica Scholarship

  • Lorena Brennan-Castro, M.S.W. student
  • Diana Santos, M.S.W. student

Thomas Carlton Memorial Fund

Erick Lainez-Villanueva, M.S.W. student

Emmett W. Cocke, Jr. Scholarship

Gabrielle Beaven, M.S.W. student

Hans S. Falck Scholarship

Sarah Lineberry, Ph.D. student

Rick and Brenda Faulkner Scholarship

  • Madison Bunce, M.S.W. student
  • Rebecca Davidsson, M.S.W. student

Field Impact Award

  • Danielle Briggs, B.S.W. student
  • Isabella Kitzman, M.S.W. student
  • Fabiana Flores Manning, M.S.W. student
  • Haley Williams, B.S.W. student

Anne Fischer Scholarship Fund in the School of Social Work

  • Tyler Holder, M.S.W. student
  • Latasha Jones-Patterson, M.S.W. student
  • Loudres Sandoval, M.S.W. student

Fostering Success Scholarship

  • Allison Clough, M.S.W. student
  • Doris Patterson-Brown, M.S.W. student

Kimberly K. Giancaspro Scholarship

Diana Santos, M.S.W. student

Dr. Grace E. Harris Merit Scholarship

  • Catherine Kudiabor, B.S.W. student
  • Madison Murphey, B.S.W. student
  • Rachel Zahradka, B.S.W. student

Hatcher Merit Scholarship in Social Work

  • Trinity Gillison, B.S.W. student
  • James McCormick, B.S.W. student

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Social Workers in Aging

  • Alexis Hipp, M.S.W. student
  • Roseanne Ross, M.S.W. student
  • Ashley Staton, M.S.W. student

Hurtado Family Endowed Scholarship

Hope Hack, M.S.W. student

Gaye Shinall Jones Merit Scholarship in Social Work

  • Charlene Agustin, B.S.W. student
  • Meghan Beckman, B.S.W. student

Robin M. McKinney Dissertation Honor Fund Endowment

Britney Pitts, Ph.D. student

Pamela B. Nystrom Memorial Scholarship Fund

Miles Kenny, B.S.W. student

Peace & Justice for Distance Education Scholarship

Jasmine Neverson, M.S.W. student

Phi Alpha Honor Society

  • Daphne Allen, M.S.W. student
  • Denise Allen, B.S.W. student
  • Sydney Biondi, B.S.W. student
  • Mackenzie Brown, M.S.W. student
  • Caitlin E Buchanan, M.S.W. student
  • Emily Cooley, M.S.W. student
  • Season Janay Dailey, M.S.W. student
  • Edline Lena Evans, B.S.W. student
  • Jarman Fagalde, M.S.W. student
  • Mary Falter, M.S.W. student
  • Hillary Getsey, M.S.W. student
  • Daniel Baine Gillespie, M.S.W. student
  • Ashley Golden, M.S.W. student
  • Emily Harris, M.S.W. student
  • Erin Lee Henshaw, M.S.W. student
  • Summer Jones, M.S.W. student
  • Jennifer Tweel Kelly, M.S.W. student
  • Grace Antonia Landolt, M.S.W. student
  • Marlene Laynez-Loarca, B.S.W. student
  • Sara E. Lieser, M.S.W. student
  • Kelly Loss, M.S.W. student
  • Caroline Richards, M.S.W. student
  • Angela-Marie Rone, B.S.W. student
  • Kaitlyn Abigail Rose, M.S.W. student
  • Jonathan Lao Seng, M.S.W. student
  • Benjamin Shenal, M.S.W. student
  • Kayla Simpkins, B.S.W. student
  • Felicia A. Smith, M.S.W. student
  • Mindy Snyder, M.S.W. student
  • Michaela Stam, M.S.W. student
  • Taylor Marie Steffan, M.S.W. student
  • Carole Thomas, M.S.W. student
  • Melissa Tran, M.S.W. student
  • Rachael Wesolowski, M.S.W. student
  • Jasmine M. Willey, B.S.W. student
  • Daniela Patricia Zuleta-Sarmiento, M.S.W. student

Radical Alliance for Anti-Racism, Change and Equity Fellow

  • Rebecca Davidsson, M.S.W. student
  • Oscar Kemp, B.S.W. student
  • Vanessa Martinez, B.S.W. student
  • Jennifer Murphy, Ph.D. student
  • Francesca Spencer, M.S.W. student
  • Ruth Tiguh, M.S.W. student

Elaine Z. Rothenberg Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Leah Bouchard, Ph.D. student
  • Anastasia Gerdes, M.S.W. student
  • Oscar Kemp, B.S.W. student

David N. Saunders Legislative Internship Fund

Sophia Booker, M.S.W. student

Rita Schleuter Memorial Scholarship in Social Work

Jeff Quinanola, B.S.W. student

School of Social Work – Phi Kappa Phi

  • Leah Bouchard, Ph.D.
  • Trinity Gillison, B.S.W.
  • Dillon Mathew-Gilmore, M.S.W.

Cesare and Ida Sclarandis Fund

Deborah Katz, M.S.W.

Martin S. Schwartz Scholarship

Ashley Staton, M.S.W. student

Service & Leadership Award

  • Emily Bickford, B.S.W. student
  • Anastasia Gerdes, M.S.W. student
  • Jennifer Murphy, Ph.D. student
  • Kayla Riddick, M.S.W. student
  • Cameron Tomlinson, Ph.D. student
  • Nicole Trainum, M.S.W. student

Social Justice Award

Vanessa Martinez, B.S.W. student

Social Work Administration, Planning, and Policy Practice Scholarship Fund

  • Taylor Easley, M.S.W. student
  • Amanda-Jane Holland, M.S.W. student
  • Alina Pantano, M.S.W. student

Judy M. Thomas “Dr. T.” B.S.W. Scholarship

Kristina Houghton, B.S.W.

Virginia Council on Social Welfare Scholarship

  • Allison Clough, B.S.W.
  • Anna Harris, B.S.W.

We Are Why: A Scholarship Centering Black Community and Supporting Black Liberation

  • Cathleen Atkinson, M.S.W.
  • Le’Keyshia Bracy, B.S.W.

Katharine McCardell Webb Merit Scholarship Fund

Sharon Tamayo, B.S.W.

Mel C. Whipple Scholarship

Sharika Bivens, M.S.W.

Rachel Wilkerson Memorial Scholarship

Alexis Hipp, M.S.W.

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