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The Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy School of Social Work is pleased to recognize Kia J. Bentley, Ph.D., professor, Mary C. Secret, Ph.D., associate professor and Cory R. Cummings, Ph.D. candidate, for the selection of their article, The Centrality of Social Presence in Online Teaching and Learning in Social Work, as the Best Conceptual Article in 2016 by the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Social Work Education.

Their award-winning article discusses the hesitancy, doubt and fear social work educators experience while teaching in virtual classroom environments and suggest strategies for educators to develop a social presence that can aid in building confidence in teaching and learning success for online social work education.    

The article was selected based on importance and timeliness of the content, originality of thought, innovative conceptualization of the topic and the presentation of conclusions that add significantly to the professional knowledge base and to social work education.

Bentley, Secret and Cummings will be recognized during the Journal of Social Work Education reception on Friday, Nov. 4, at 6:45 during the Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

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