Remember how excited everyone was when the pandemic started and office jobs became remote? People were under the impression that they’d get a break from the early wake up calls and commuting for about two weeks and then life would resume back to normal. However, two weeks turned into two years and now working from home has become a bit overrated. Many of us miss the morning routine, the drive to work, the familiar faces around offices and the necessary excuse of getting out of the house. Sure, there is a huge support for the work-from-home culture and some companies are considering going fully remote for several reasons. But, there are also some companies that believe an office and specifically assigned workspace is important for productivity and team bonding. As the world slowly gets back to “normal” and restores pre-pandemic life, remote work might be an aspect of the pandemic that stays, putting companies in a dilemma on whether to return back to the office full time or not. However, working from an office isn’t as bad as remote-work supporters make it seem. 

Here are some common benefits of working out of an office:

  1. Enhance your time management skills by implementing a morning routine

Waking up a minute before your morning meeting and casually rolling out of bed onto your couch may sound tempting, but in the long run, it isn’t good for you. Having to wake up, get ready, drive to work, and set up takes skills. It teaches you how to manage your morning hours and creates discipline. Studies have shown that people who have a particular morning routine have a higher rate of success. A routine helps your brain focus better throughout the day as it programs focus to become a habit. Therefore, throughout the day, if you lose interest in something or find your mind wandering, your brain finds it easier to snap back into the moment and focus on the task. Time management also ensures that all your work gets done in the office and you can unplug when you return home, allowing yourself the time to unwind and enjoy your evening routine!

  1. Growth and networking opportunities

Working from an office presents you with wonderful opportunities such as collaboration, networking with new people, and establishing deeper connections with seniors and colleagues. Sitting behind a screen and meeting other people who are also sitting behind a screen is a lot different than meeting someone in person. Body language can expose a lot about a person’s social and behavioral skills which are important for networking. This is why interviews are just as important as resumes. Employers like to meet potential candidates to read their social skills to determine if they’d be a good fit for the particular role. Working in an office gives you the benefit of connecting with your seniors on a more fundamental level. It is also a lot easier and effective for people to work as a team when there are no internet, microphone, and webcam issues interfering during collaboration. 

  1. Change of environment

No one likes being stuck in one place for too long. I can’t imagine having to stay in my room all day without being able to go to the kitchen or living room. Over time, your apartment or house becomes that room. If you live and work in the same place all day, everyday, it can become a bit too monotonous. Being able to work from an office gives people a chance to leave their homes and experience a different environment. Offices are becoming increasingly mindful about making sure workspaces are positive and comfortable for employees by implementing Biophilic Design. This initiative adds plants, small fountains, “zen” rooms/corners, and natural-warmer colored walls and furniture in offices to offer a low-stress environment for employees. A change in environment also enhances productivity in employees who choose to work from an office compared to those working from home remotely because they aren’t exposed to the distractions that may be at home (TV, family members, roommates, your bed…who doesn’t love naps!)

  1. Adapt to company culture

Below is a pie chart showing what people miss the most about working from an office. Over 60% of the participants (working adults) said they miss human interaction. How many times have we parted ways from friends and said the words “if you ever need anything, I’m only a phone call away!”? People rarely seem to take up their friends on that offer. It is so much easier to speak to someone when you are physically with them rather than over the phone or video call. The “small talk” that 31.5% of the people voted for is completely eliminated with remote working. Coworkers only interact with one another for work purposes and not at all for small interactions because every interaction is scheduled with remote work. Every company has a different culture and way of operating. Some offices are casual, some are a bit more professional than others. Either way, it is important to assimilate with the people you are working with depending on how everyone interacts with one another. It is difficult to do that when you’re confined to a screen and have limited exposure to company culture. Even worse is the inability to create a company culture if everyone is meeting for the first time via a zoom call. 

Looking for a job that works from an office?

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